Servlets.Net Servlet Submission

We welcome you to submit your own servlets for inclusion in the shared servlet library. If you submit a good, general purpose servlet that fills a need for our customers, we'll give you a month of Virtual Server hosting for free! Just e-mail it to us at with a full description of what functions your servlet performs, how to configure it, and how to use it. Your servlet should not utilize any unusual or not well know class libraries, especially if the source code to the library is not available.

Keep in mind that when you submit it to us, you're submitting it to the public domain, thereby giving anyone the right to use and modify your code in any way they wish. If we feel your servlet will be useful to many of our customers, we'll make the servlet available for anybody to use, along with the source code with any modifications that we see fit. Make sure your name is in the source code so that you can get credit as the original author!

Note that Servlets.Net is under no obligation to include any servlet that you submit in the shared servlet library. We will not add any servlet to the library until we have carefully reviewed and analyzed it. We will examine your servlet at our earliest convience, but we do not guarantee that this will be in a timely manner.


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