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How do I get the JRunAdmin applet to work?
How do I interpret the data in stdout.log?


The JRun Administration Applet uses Swing components. Most current browsers do not natively support Swing components, but Swing support can be added quite easily. If you are getting an errror similar to "load: class com.livessoftware.jrunadmin.JRunAdminApplet not found" or the applet never seems to load, then you should make sure that your browser supports Swing.

(NOTE: This link is currently not working on the Sun site, but they say it will come back soon.) This article describes how to test your browser and how to upgrade your browser:

You can install the Java 2 plug-in by going to this URL:

Click here to test your Swing installation and make sure that it is properly installed. If the applet runs, you're set!

Alternatively, you can install the JRun Remote Admin Application.


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