Developer Services

Servlets.Net specializes in providing developer-friendly application hosting solutions. We use Caucho's Resin servlet runner with connectors to Apache 1.3 Virtual Servers to enable servlet support for our customers. Get started as a developer by ordering one of our Professional packages.

If you are a Java Servlet developer, you will find that our features and reliability are unsurpassed by any other servlet hosting solution. If you need to deploy your own servlets, our Professional packages offer you a dedicated and private Java Virtual Machine that you can use with as many Virtual Servers as you want. This is an exceptional way to save costs when you need to add additional web sites. You can also choose to use one Java Virtual Machine with only a single web server for mission-critical applications. In addition, Java Server Pages support is included with every private Java Virtual Machine. For administration, you can use either the user-friendly JRun Administration GUI or manually edit your JRun properties files.

Today, many servlet developers are building web applications that require a back-end database. If you are building such an application, you need to use the award-winning MySQL Database from Servlets.Net. Ask us for details if you're interested in PostgreSQL support.

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