Alphabetical Service Listing

Below you'll see a listing of many of the services that Servlets.Net can provide. Click on a service name and you'll see a detailed description of the service, as well as its current monthly and startup fees. If you need a service that's not listed here, feel free to contact our Sales department.

Advanced Reporting Understand your site's traffic
Bandwidth Data transfer from your site
CVS Repository Network-transparent source control
Disk Space Storage used by your site
Domain E-mail Forwarding Redirect e-mail for a whole domain
Domain Name Access a site via another name
Email Forwarder Redirect e-mail for one address
Email Responder Auto-respond to e-mail
Java Connections Give servlets more thread space
Java Memory Give servlets more memory
Java Server Pages Add Java code to HTML pages
Java Virtual Machine Run your own servlets
Mailing List Add a mailing list to your site
Merchant Account Merchant account for accepting credit cards
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous
MySQL Connections Increase database concurrency
MySQL Database - Additional Add another lightning-fast database
MySQL Database - Initial Add a lightning-fast database
Payflow Link Accept credit cards online
Payflow Pro Accept credit cards online
Server Co-location Host your machine with Servlets.Net
SSL Secure Web Certificates SSL Secure Web Certificates
UNIX User Add another UNIX user and POP3 account
Virtual Server - IP Numberless Serve a web site without a unique IP number
Virtual Server - Secure Add an SSL-capable site
Virtual Server - Standard Serve a web site

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