Customer Testimonials


Thanks so much for your outstanding support. It's service like this that keeps me raving to friends and colleagues about Servlets.Net.

Brian Weith

Servlets.Net has provided consistent, excellent support. Our sites, and, have benefited immensely from their friendly service. We're confident that Servlets.Net will continue to meet our needs as the sites grow.

Matt Tucker

You guys have done a great job. I really appreciate the customer service I've recieved up to this point, and I have found your service incredibly easy to use, which is important to me since, as I mentioned, I am new to these technologies.

Colin Capriati

Thank you for the great service! I like how it's setup with the personalized Resin tutorial. The examples and tutorial are a great help in getting started with Resin.

Lars Travers

Servlets.Net guys really surprised me. When I asked them to make some changes to our configuration, they suggested better solutions and applied them promptly. Its like having your smart brother host your website!

Don Park

We've been using Servlets.Net to host all of our servlet sites since last June [1999], and I can't say enough about them. Our experience has been extremely favorable. They're very responsive. Quick configuration changes usually take minutes. They're quite willing to work with you to add new services.

The people in their support group are terrific. In the last six months, I've asked literally hundreds of questions, with each being answered to my satisfaction, and quickly.

You can get your own JVM. They run Linux with Apache and JRun. They support MySQL and CVS. Their rates are very reasonable.

I have no connection to the company, other than being a very-satisfied client. They're easily the most impressive vendor (of any kind) we've used in the last year. I highly recommend them.

Timothy Falconer

I believe I found my last and best service provider after many failures with others...

Dani�ment Gazi �nal

I would personally like to thank all your support team for excellent technical support and help over the last year. Servlets.NET is certainly one of the most professional and competent companies I have ever come across. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who wants to start developing professional e-commerce solutions.

Mark O'leary

THANK YOU very much for your integrity.... It is much appreciated and does not go unnoticed. It certainly frees me to "brag" about my web host provider.

David Wolfe

I am very happy with the service we have received from Servlets.Net. We are sold on the Java Servlets architecture, and we are delighted to have found a host that supports it.

The technical support at Servlets.Net is without a doubt the best I have experienced from any company, ever. The Java Servlets technology was new to us, and we had to go through a learning process to get our first Servlets site up and running. The support staff at Servlets.Net were very knowledgeable, and helpful, and endlessly patient with us.

John Hagstrand

Excellent! I still haven't gotten used to an ISP getting back to me so quickly. Our last ISPs acronym actually stood for "Insanely Sub Par" or "Stress-Hosting". Working with you guys is like a vacation. I'm looking forward to moving all of our projects your way.

Note: It seems as if every time I contact you guys I throw in some over-the-top accolades. But our last "ISP situation" was an absolute nightmare. A situation like the one that occurred today would have (NO DOUBT) taken WEEKS to iron out. Our primary business is IT consulting for fed contracts and that's essentially 24x7x365 stress. You guys are saving us time and money by delivering everything as advertised and by being absolutely the most responsive third party we deal with (I'll take every fire-and-forget we can stand). So, we definitely aren't new to this and are not just throwing out "you rule" (even though you do) statements. is one of the best business decisions we've made.

Chuck Manning

Thanks once again for your prompt replies! Several times we've needed a quick answer or configuration change, and you've replied within minutes! This was often outside of business hours. We were willing to pay extra to find an ISP who provided a high standard of customer service, but with you guys, we didn't have to!

We were also concerned about the fact that we are based in Europe, and so are about 8 hours ahead. But no, I wrote an email requesting an update to my account at 10am this morning, and by 11am you replied saying that you'd done it! Wow!

I was also impressed with the help you gave me to set up a database connection pool, as well as helping me find the third party classes that I neeeded. Nice one.

Peet Denny

Thanks for all the help. You have a top of the line support center!

Daniel Monson

When we started looking for an ISP for hosting our Indian Retail site, we knew that we wanted an ISP that hosted Servlets and JSP. After researching a few such ISPs, I found that the policies and procedures were ambigous. For example one of the ISPs didn't know how to setup the DBMS for our use and was still figuring it out.

When after many searches on Altavista, I found Servlets.Net, it was a pleasent surprise. There were detailed instructions on almost all issues. They even mentioned how many DB connections a particular account came with. Any developer needs to know what exactly he is getting for the money he is spending. And these folks seem to realize this.

I felt so confident that I gave my credit card number online (something I always avoide doing) to setup my account. Within a matter of hours, I received an email detailing every bit of information I needed. In a couple of days I was up to speed setting up every thing. During that time I did come across a few things that I needed to know more about. I am glad to report that I was properly walked through any of the issues that I didn't understand. All along with the attitude that said "we are here to help".

I whole heartedly recommend Servlets.Net to anyone wishing to setup an Internet Site. Servlets.Net is the best thing that happened to me in my 10 years of professional software development carrer, much of which I have spent working at companies like Hewlett-Packard, IBM and BellSouth.

Vinay Soni

After using 3 web hosting companies in 3 months, I am VERY pleased with Servlets.Net. You provide an outstanding service, especially your technical expertise in Java Servlets. Keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to a long-term relationship.

Gary Jolly

Wow!!! You have a huge infrastructure!! Thanks a lot for the information... It's funny, because my former ISP never told to me about the real configuration where my site was hosted. You're the best ISP that I know. Fair cost, fantastic support and a great attitude. Thank you!

Felipe Albertao

Thank you for setting up the service so quickly! I just wanted to let you know that everything works and I'm glad someone cares about servlet programmers.

Jon Baer

Okay, you've sold me! Your responses to my questions, all three seperate emails, have been quick and detailed. This is an excellent indication of the support I will receive after signing up with your service. Amazingly, I'm still waiting for a response from two of your competitors to the first email I sent out several days ago.

Robert Curtiss

We spent a long time looking for a host that had all the features to support a large educational web project that relied on servlets and databases. We were attracted to Servlet.Net's modular virtual hosting offering. The more we found out the more we liked.

Once we were set up (smoothly) the real surprise came--unbelievably great support! We ran into a conflict with some third-party classes we depend on and the Servlets.Net suppo