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Resin-EE 2.1.10 Now Available! 08/20/2003
Resin-EE 2.1.9 Now Available! 06/14/2003
Sun Java 2 SDK version 1.4.1_01 now available! 12/20/2002
Resin-EE 2.1.6 Now Available! 11/26/2002
Resin-EE 2.1.4 Now Available! 09/20/2002
Resin CMP 2.1.0 and Sun J2SDK 1.4.0 available now! 05/15/2002
AWStats is now available! 03/12/2002
New Versions of Resin and the Java Development Kit! 01/29/2002
Resin-CMP Now Available! 12/28/2001
Update on PostgreSQL and New Packages 06/04/2001
Servlet 2.2/JSP1.1 and other new services! 03/14/2001
Sun Java 2 SDK version 1.3 now available 03/14/2001
Servlet 2.2 and JSP 1.1 support coming soon! 09/05/2000
CVS is now available! 03/20/2000
Servlet API 2.2 Public Review Draft 06/29/1999
JavaOne 1999 06/14/1999
Welcome to ServletWatch! 05/06/1999


Servlets.Net is very pleased to offer our latest batch of new services to our customers. We've been working hard to offer JSP Version 1.1, the Servlet 2.2 API, and the newest Java upgrades so your web application has the best environment possible. We also have more great services planned for the near future. Here's a more detailed list of the newest services we offer.

Resin Servlet Engine
Servlets.Net customers can now take advantage of the Servlet 2.2 API and the JSP 1.1 API! After extensive research, Servlets.Net established the Resin servlet engine as our new servlet engine of choice. We have found that Resin meets and exceeds our needs and expectations in almost every way.

Resin easily surpassed the capabilities and performance of other servlet engines such as Tomcat and JRun 3.0. We've found that Resin:

  • is much faster than Tomcat and other servlet engines
  • auto-compiles not only JSP files, but ALL supporting *.java files!
  • has an intelligent caching system for very fast dynamic responses
  • provides an easy-to-use built-in database connection pooling system
  • includes Serif - XSL stylesheet flexibility with JSP performance
  • supports XML, XSL, DOM 2, SAX 2, JAXP, XPath, and more
  • supports server-side JavaScript as well as Java
  • has excellent and complete documentation, demos, and tutorials
  • provides a rapid development cycle with frequent bug fix releases
  • provides full source code with a Developer Source License

All new Servlets.Net customers that select a Professional package will have Resin installed as the default servlet engine unless they request otherwise. Existing customers can upgrade their Professional package to Resin at no cost and with little or no disruption to their live applications.

Resin is freely available for download and development purposes from:

Sun Java 2 SDK version 1.3
Available immediately, Servlets.Net customers can now take advantage of the latest Java release from Sun Microsystems, the Java 2 SDK version 1.3. This release includes many improvements and performance enhancements, including the Java HotSpot? Client Virtual Machine.

All new Servlets.Net customers that select a Professional package will have the Java SDK v1.3 installed as the default JVM unless they request otherwise. Existing Professional package customers can upgrade to the Java SDK v1.3 at no cost and with little or no disruption to their live applications.

PostgreSQL Database
Available by the end of April, Servlets.Net customers will be able to choose between using a MySQL database or a PostgreSQL database. PostgreSQL is a powerful RDBMS database and is more like Oracle, Informix, or Sybase than it is like MySQL. Unlike MySQL, it supports features such as transactions, triggers, foreign keys, rules, subselects, views, user-defined functions, inheritance, and more.

These features come with a performance tradeoff. Although many developers may find these features to be very important if not critical to their application, there are also many developers who prefer the pure speed of MySQL and are willing to work around its limitations. At Servlets.Net, we have found both databases to be extremely useful for different applications and will be offering this flexibility to our customers.

All new Servlets.Net customers that have a database package will get a MySQL database by default. Upon request, we will configure new accounts with a PostgreSQL database instead of the MySQL at no additional charge. Existing database package customers will be able to convert to a PostgreSQL database at no cost and with little or no disruption to their live applications.

New Package Features
Coming very soon (probably in the beginning of May 2001), Servlets.Net customers will enjoy significant enhancements to their existing accounts at no extra cost. Every package that we currently offer will include more features than ever before. New packages will be introduced and existing packages will be expanded! Stay tuned -- lots more is on its way!


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