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Java Servlet Programming 08/23/2000
MySQL 08/24/2000
Design Patterns 08/24/2000
Java and XML 08/24/2000
JavaServer Pages 03/14/2001


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Java and XML, by Brett McLaughlin and Mike Loukides.

Book Description
XML has been the biggest buzzword on the Internet community for the past year. But how do you cut through all the hype and actually put it to work? Java revolutionized the programming world by providing a platform-independent programming language. XML takes the revolution a step further by providing a platform-independent language for interchanging data. Java and XML share many features that are ideal for building Web-based enterprise applications, such as platform-independence, extensibility, reusability, global language (Unicode) support, and both are based on industry standards. Together Java and XML allow enterprises to simplify and lower cost of information sharing and data exchange. Java and XML shows you how to put the two together, building real-world applications in which both the code and the data are truly portable.


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